The Written Treasures of Lower Danube


Project partners:

Globаl Libraries - Bulgaria FoundationLyuben Karavelov Regional Library Rousse

Alexandru and Aristia Aman Dolj County Library; Lower Danube world of books on two banks


Интегрирана стратегия за устойчиво развитие на “Писмените
съкровища на трансграничната дестинация по Долен Дунав за
литературния туризъм” 2020 – 2030 г.

Strategia integrată pentru dezvoltarea durabilă a „Comori scrise ale destinației
transfrontaliere Dunărea de Jos pentru turism literar”, 2020 - 2030

The common challenges of the program area the project partners are jointly tackling in our project are:

•Low level of promotion of the written intangible cultural heritage and thus potential local and international visitors are currently unaware of the area’s potential for literary tourism;

•Absence of coherent cross-border literary tourism development policies and working network of interested stakeholders;

•Lack of integrated tourist information and well-developed attractive literary tourism products, services, itineraries and program packages;

•The written treasures are divided between three different kinds of institutions: libraries, museums and archives. There is lack of enough good cooperation between them for presentation and promotion of the common written Intangible cultural heritage.

•There is a great risk of losing much of the older written heritage, as most of it is not digitized because most of these institutions lack the proper technology.

•Lots of written heritage exponents are still in private collections of local people and historians and cannot be presented to the wide public.

•In the Danube area there are too little overnights. Mainly as a result of business trips and in some regions because of weekend leisure trips.

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